UV Coating / Curing Machine

uv coating curing machine

This Fully Automatic Spot & Full UV Coating and Curing machine can do full & Spot UV. Varnish on thick and thin paper at the speed of 6000 sheets per hour. Conventional varnish or water base varnish can also be done on this machine. This machine is provided with high grade hardened gears for smooth operation for long life of the machine. The UV. Curing Lamps are one of the best in world. Totally vacuum bed for smooth conveying of paper and board, efficient cooling systems for Lamp, Variable motor speed with DC. Motor and its card. IR Lamps are also for water base varnish or smoothness of UV Lacquer.

1. Fully automatic machine for coating full and spot UV Varnish on Paper and Board.
2. Machine is equipped with automatic cylinder On/Off by pneumatic control systems.
3. High speed Maximum 6000 Sheets per hour with accurate registration on spot jobs and high gloss on full jobs.
4. Different type of Paper and Board can be coat.
5. Can abe used afor high gloss UV., water base and solvent base varnish and heat sela lacquer.
6. Convenient plate cylinder positioning for fast nylon plate change.
7. Suitable for both flexo plate and rubber balnket as coating media.
8. Precisely constructed wtih four Roller coating heads for spot and full sheet coating.

1. Powder removing device
2. Auto delivery unit

Specifications of Fully Automatic Spot & Full Coating & Curing Machine

MODEL APL-2030 APL-2437 APL-2840
Maximum Sheet Size 530mm x 785mm 600mm x 925mm 725mm x 1016mm
Minimum Sheet Size 260mm x 320mm 275mm x 425mm 300mm x 457mm
Coating Area 495mm x 780mm 575mm x 900mm 700mm x 1000mm
Polymer Plate Size Max. 580mm x 800mm 660mm x 940mm 780mm x 1016mm
Polymer Plate Size Min. 580mm x 320mm 660mm x 425mm 725mm x 485mm
Pile Height Feeder 850mm 900mm 1000mm
Paper Weight 30 to 500 GSM 30 to 500 GSM 30 to 500 GSM
Power (Coater) 3.9KW 6.2KW 8 KW
Power (UV.Dryer) 14KW 18KW 18 KW
Power (IR Dryer) 9KW 12KW 12 KW
Maximum Speed 6000 Sheets/hour 6000 Sheets/hour 6000 Sheets/hour

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