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Thermal Film Laminating Machine

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Thermal Film Laminating Machine

State of Art Thermal Lamination Machine facilitates lamination with optimal results.Without need for adhesive,obviates drying,resulting in a quicker online processing & enhancing print quality.

Salient Features:

Laminating nip pressure hydraulically regulated
10” Diameter super polished chromed laminating roller
Unwind shaft micro adjustable laterally
Film slitting & perforating mechanism
PID type TCU for accurate temperature control upto 120 Degrees C digital temperature display
Paper weight: 130-400 gsm for in-line sheeting.

Manual feeding with novel belt adjustable mechanism
Aluminum feed table with 30mm wide nylon belts
Sheet detector with photoelectric sensor

 Detachable- Sheeter :
Pneumatically regulated in-feed nip rollers
Rewind station with clutch for lower gsm substrate
Delivery/ Collection table

2 HP DC Variable Speed Drive
3 Kw Heating Element (3 Phase), 220/240 Volts Motor.
Electric Control Console Housing Hydraulic Functions, Overload Relay, Auto Volt Transformer.

Specifications of Thermal Film Lamination Machine
Max. Sheet Width 800 mm
Max. Unwind Dia 400 mm
Max. Rewind Dia 500 mm
Paper Wight 90-400 gsm
Speed 15/8 meter/min for thermal Lamination
Electric Motor 2 HP DC Variable Speed Drive
Heater 3 Kw Heating Element (3 Phase), 220/240 Volts Motor