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Rotogravure Printing Machine

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Rotogravure Printing Machine

Technical Specifications:
– Kind or Web: Films, All FOils, Paper etc.
– No. of Colours: 1 to 10 colours. – Max. Web Width: 1575mm
– Max. Working Width: 1525mm
– Max. Printing Speed: Up to 120n/min. (depending on material, ink quality and cylinder diameter)
– Printing Repeat Cylinder: 320mm to 650mm
– Unwinding Reel dia: 800mm
– Rewinding Reel dia: 450mm
– Drying System: Electric Heaters & Hot Air
– Main Drive: DC Electric Motor & Control Panel.
– Drying Chamber Heating Load: 7kw. Each station.
– Auto Tension Control: Optional.
– Web Guide System: Optional.
– Ink Circulation Pump System: Optional.
– Reverse Printing System: Optional.
– Pressure Roller Pneumatic System: Optional.
– Thermal Fluid Heating System: Optional.
–Impression system is controlled by pneumatic pressure or manually.
– Doctor Blade is adjusted by pnematic pressure or manually.
– Control of longitudinal registration by electric motorised system and manually. Lateral registration by sliding printing cylinder operated manually.
– Air nozzle covered drying chamber complete with sealed heaters, blower and exhaust system.
– All units are with reversible facility.
– Wrinkle removing aluminium web rollers are dynamically balanced.
– Quick change over system for impression rubber roller, printing cylinder and doctor blade.