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Rotogravure printing, also known as gravure printing, follows the technique of intaglio printing. The rotogravure printing machine has two cylinders (also known as rollers in some countries). The one that contains the printing plate is known as the gravure cylinder. When the machine is switched on, the cylinder that contains starts its rotating motion while it is half-immersed in the ink fountain. Due to the rotating motion, the ink gets stuck to the cylinder,and it gets printed on the substrate that is placedunder the cover of the cylinder.

Though many substrates are used for printing in this method, paper is the most widely used substrate. The printing plates ensure that the ink is evenly printed on the printing areas, thanks to the movement of the impression roller. The cylinders move quite quickly and automatically, which is why rotogravure printing technique is considered to be one of the fastest and most advanced today. When the ink gets transferred to the printing surface, a doctor blade assembly system ensures that the extra ink is removed from the cylinder surface. This ensures that no ink is wasted and that only the desired quantity of ink gets transferred to the substrate.

From the above, you must have understood that the main parts of a rotogravure printing machine are an impression roller, gravure cylinder, ink fountain, doctor blade assembly and a dryer. Friends Engineering Corporation is the leading manufacturer, supplier,and exporter of rotogravure printing machines and you can call us right away with your queries. Our machines can be operated automatically or manually as per your convenience. All you need to do is to call us with your requirements,and we would provide you a quote with reasonable rates for delivery and installation.

Advantages of rotogravure printing

  • Quick and highly automatic method of printing makes it one of the most sought-after methods in the packaging industry, especially where printing is required on cardboards, magazines, newspapers and other products
  • Very useful for printing continuous and high volume of images of high-quality because it uses a different cylinder for each color
  • The final output contains even tones of color and has amazing print quality
  • The inks used in these machines are quick-drying in nature and are solvent based, which helps in improving the overall speed of the printing process
  • When you buy your machines from us, you can rest assured knowing that you don’t have to pay anything extra towards manpower costs. This is because our machines are fully automatic and are very simple to operate
  • Most of the times, you just have to make a one-time investment while purchasing these machines and enjoy high returns for many years. Our machines are of very high quality and are 100% durable. You don’t have to spend anything on them towards repairs.

Rotogravure or Gravure is a type of intaglio printing process, which involves drawing the image onto an image mover. In gravure printing, the image is printed onto a cylinder because, like offset and flexography, it uses a rotational printing press. Rotogravure process is still used for commercial printing of postcards, magazines and cardboard and other product packaging.

Technical Specifications:

– Kind or Web: Films, All FOils, Paper etc.
– No. of Colours: 1 to 10 colours. – Max. Web Width: 1575mm
– Max. Working Width: 1525mm
– Max. Printing Speed: Up to 120n/min. (depending on material, ink quality and cylinder diameter)
– Printing Repeat Cylinder: 320mm to 650mm
– Unwinding Reel dia: 800mm
– Rewinding Reel dia: 450mm
– Drying System: Electric Heaters & Hot Air
– Main Drive: DC Electric Motor & Control Panel.
– Drying Chamber Heating Load: 7kw. Each station.
– Auto Tension Control: Optional.
– Web Guide System: Optional.
– Ink Circulation Pump System: Optional.
– Reverse Printing System: Optional.
– Pressure Roller Pneumatic System: Optional.
– Thermal Fluid Heating System: Optional.
– Impression system is controlled by pneumatic pressure or manually.
– Doctor Blade is adjusted by pnematic pressure or manually.
– Control of longitudinal registration by electric motorised system and manually. Lateral registration by sliding printing cylinder operated manually.
– Air nozzle covered drying chamber complete with sealed heaters, blower and exhaust system.
– All units are with reversible facility.
– Wrinkle removing aluminium web rollers are dynamically balanced.
– Quick change over system for impression rubber roller, printing cylinder and doctor blade.

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