Plate Making Machine

plate making machine

Plate Exposure Machine
Special Fast & absolutely clean in operation.
Using 1 KVA & 3 KVA Instant Start Metal Halide Tube for Fast Exposure.
Control with Fully Automatic Digital Timer with Light Sensor.

Features :
• Instant Start
• Energy Saving Dual Stage Vacuum System
• Built-in Vacuum Sensor
• User Friendly Microcomputer for Accurate Exposure Control
• Spectrally Matched Photo Sensor
• Rugged Storage Drawers

plate making machine3 Plate Making Machine ( Flip Top )
This compact printing down unit has its own built in metal halide light source and vacuum pump. It is designed for rapid and efficient product of offset plates and can also be used for photo engraving. The plate holder is locked in the face-up position and rotated to the face down position for exposure.

Features :
• Simple, Fast and absolutely clean in operation.
• Compact space saving design with pleasing appearance.
• Using 800W metal halide lamp for fast exposure.
• Controls include: 999 sec. digital time with buzzer.
• Vacuum ON/OFF switch gauge and conveniently positioned fuses.

Specifications of Plate Making Machine

MODEL 20″ X 30″ 30″ X 40″
Maximum Plate Size 22″ x 32″ 31″ x 41″
Electrical Supply 220 V AC 220 V AC
Overall Length 41″ 51″
Overall Height 38″ 38″
Overall Width 31″ 41″

plate making machine3 Mini Plate Exposure
This compact plate exposure unit has its own built in metal halide source & vacuum pump with timer. It is designed for rapid and efficient production of offset plate & can also be used for opening of five star film for screen printing.

Features :
• Simple, fast and absolutely clean in operation.
• Compact space showing design with pleasing appearance.
• Using 400w metal halide tube for fast exposure.
• Controls electrical timer of 15 minutes with buzzer.
• Vacuum on/off switch gauge and conveniently positioned.

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