Paper Napkin Machine

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Paper Napkin Machine ( Multi Size or Variable size)
Paper Napkin Machine is versatile paper napkin machine which folds the paper into square. The machine designed in such a way that it is very useful for the people who want multiple products from the same machine. This machine proves to be very helpful for very small quantities . The Limitation of this machine is that you can not use Soft Tissue.
Napkin Folder is used to automatically fold the jumbo roll into the square or rectangular Paper napkin. The machine system includes printing, embossing, counting and folding. The speed of the machine is controlled by the Frequency drive. The counting could be varied according to the requirement.

Each Printing Unit Consits of
Stereo Cylinder Changable from 9" – 13"
Forward and Backward Adjustment.
One Ink Roller Dipped in Duct.
One Ink Carrying Roller could be adjustable for the required ink.

Embossing Unit
One Hard Chrome Plated Design Roller.
One Bowl Paper Roller.

Folding Unit
Rotary Cutting System.
One Drum.
Stacking Plate Form.
Automatic Electronics Counter

Extra Band Saw Blade, Toll Kit, 2 ps Grinding wheel

Technical Specifications for Fixed Size Paper Napkin Folder Machine

Technical Specifications for Fixed Size Paper Napkin Folder Machine
Size  9″ to 13″
Printing Unit Two / Four Colour Flexo Printing
Embossing Unit As per Requirement
Folding Size 1/4
Speed 200-250 sheets per minute
Manpower One Operator, One Helper
Max. Unwind Dia 120 cm
Raw Material Tissue Paper 18-22 GSM ( 2 Ply )
Power 220 V , 50 Hrz

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