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Paper Napkin Machine

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Paper Napkin Machine , Automatic Paper napkin Machinr

Paper Napkin Machine

Paper Napkin Machine is used to automatically fold the jumbo roll into the square or rectangular Paper napkin. The machine system includes printing, embossing, counting and folding. The speed of the machine is controlled by the Frequency drive. The counting could be varied according to the requirement.


Each Printing Unit Consits of


Two / Four Colour of Flexo graphic Printing EACH PRINTING UNIT CONSISTS Forward & Backward adjustment one Ink Roller Dipped in Duct One Ink Carrying Roller Could be adjustment fir the required ink.


Embossing Unit

One Female Embossing unit ( Desinge as per your requirement)


Folding Unit


Rotary Cutting Unit
• Two Vetical Drum for ¼ th Folding
• Digitally variable counting with Totaliser


Extra Band Saw Blade, Toll Kit, 2 ps Grinding wheel

  • Attachment With : Antistatic Eliminator

Technical Specifications for Fixed Size Paper Napkin Folder Machine

Working Width 40 cm / 30cm / 27 cm /22 cm
Printing Unit Two / Four Colour Flexo Printing
Embossing Unit As per Requirement
Folding Size 1/4
Speed 450-470 sheets per minute ( 2 Lane )
Manpower One Operator, One Helper
Max. Unwind Dia 120 cm
Raw Material Tissue Paper 18-22 GSM ( 2 Ply )
Power 220 V , 50 Hrz