Flexographic Printing Machine

flexo printing machine

Flexographic printing, as the name indicates, is a printing process that is more flexible than the conventional methods. Here, printing can be done on irregular surfaces as well,and the plates used in the flexographic printing machine are mostly made from rubber or plastic. Also, the inks used for this process are thinner than those used in other processes. Due to this, the final output dries very quickly to meet your requirements. We, at Friends Engineering Corporation, are the best manufacturer, supplier,and exporter of flexographic printing machines in India.  Our machines are designed in such a way to support 2, 4, 6 or even 8 colors of printing.

The plates that our machines use are highly flexible, thereby enabling them to adapt well to all kinds of substrates. Do you want to print on metallic film, paper, plastic surface, cellophane or other surfaces? Irrespective of the kind of surface that you want the printed product on, our machines will deliver. In the recent past, flexographic printing has been witnessing quite a few advancements in the creation of new plates and improvement of the quality of plates.
Now let us see some of the merits and demerits of this machine. There are two sides to a coin, aren’t they? So while it is important to know how useful these machines can be in our day to day use, it is also equally important to know where these may not be as useful as you desire them to be.


  • As seen above, these are very flexible and can adapt well to different materials and types of substrates
  • The final output that is printed using this method is quicker and dries faster than conventional methods like rotogravure
  • If you are looking for printing simple packaging designs on small objects like pouch bags and boxes, flexographic printing is the best choice
  • This machine not only produces quick and high-quality results but it is also cost-effective
  • These printing machines support a wide range of color combinations. Our machines are compatible with printing 2 to 8 different colors
  • The inks used for flexographic printing are less thicker,and the machines are well-suited to use water-based and oil-based inks


  • While the flexographic printing machines are best choices for printing simple designs, they are not well suited for highly advanced printing that involves intricate designs
  • Flexographic printing has still got a long way to go regarding the dynamics of the machinery. Once you have kick-started the process, it is very difficult to make last-minute changes in them
  • The final output that is printed using this method are not as bold and vibrant as the final output that you get with other methods like rotogravure printing

Yes, flexographic printing may not be as advanced as some of the other techniques. However, they still sell like hotcakes today because many businesses love the simplicity of these machines. A wide range of businesses uses this process for designing their packages which include cartons, pouch bags, envelopes, newspapers, wrappers and more.

Flexographic Printing Machine for 2 Colour,4 to 6 or 8 Colours Printing on Pretreated HDPE/HM/LLDPE/Mono Layer ofr Co-Extruded Multi Layer Film,Laminated or Metalised Plastic Film,Paper,Aluminium Foil etc.These machines are avialable in Printing Width ranging from 400mm to 600mm,with a Printing Speed of 60meters per minute and necessary arrangement are also provided for Reverse Printing.The Printing is done by means of Rubber or Polymer Stereo Blocks.
Flexography or flexo is a type of printing process which utilizes a flexible relief plate. It is essentially a new version of letterpress which can be used for printing on almost any type of substrate, cellophane, plastic, metallic films, and paper. The greatest advances in flexographic printing have been in the section of photopolymer printing plates, including improvements to the plate material and the method of plate creation.

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