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Flat UV Exposing Unit

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Flat UV Exposing Unit

A versatile Exposure unit for Flexo Plates both solvent & water washable. Designed to provide consistent result time and again. The UV source has been engineered to give max. resolution. The Sky Print Exposing Unit is designed with drawer cabinet for hot air circulation so as to remove any solvent that is left on the plates.

Features :

  • A multipurpose Nylo Block making unit for Computer Stationery, Flexo Blocks, Labels, Stickers and Blocks for Dry Offset.
  • Available with High Intensity UV Lamps.
  • Using Electronic Ballasts and Controls.
  • Fully Vacuumed with Heavy Duty Pump.
  • Easy and Flexible Operations. Tough & Robust Construction.

Available in Sizes
20″ x 24″
30″ x 40″