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Die Cutting Machine

Die Cutting Machine or Platen Punching & Creasing Press particularly designed for Die Cutting, Scoring and Creasing Work on PAPER, LINOLEUM, CARD-BOARD, CORRUGATED BOARD, FIREBOARD, CORK, LEATHER, PLASTIC AND PVC MATERIALS etc. Most Handsome and compact patronized Model requires Minimum Floor-Space. Minimum “Make-Ready” Time and provides sufficient hourly production.


Basic Description

The very sturdy construction of “FRIENDS” Die Cutting Machine or Platen Punching & Creasing Press guarantees for perfect works under heaviest conditions. Frame, Platen & Main Gears made of special high tensile Cast Iron are resistant to deformation even if subjected to greatest strain. The platen is driven from the ball bearing mounted shaft through a pair of reduction spiral gears protected by guards. The main gear shaft and connecting arms are mounted on Phosphor Bronze bushes. The reduction gear shaft is made of hardened high-quality alloy-steel. Lubricated counter- pressure elements prevent the gears from deviating under the work pressure.


Electromagnetic Clutch & Brake System

Electromagnetic clutch & brake in Die Cutting Machine enables push-button control of the machine for easy and efficient operation. Complete safety is ensured by full electrical interlocking. Electrical synchronization of both the clutch and the brake eliminates the possibility of time lag or over-lag between driving & braking. Instead of Pedal Control, there is a clean panel within the operator’s easy reach from where all machine operations can be controlled.


Dwell Timing Device


This timing device in Die Cutting Machine can be set to give a variable period from 0.5 to 10 seconds. During this time the platen remains stationary in the open position before automatically resuming motion at the end of the set dwell period. This is a particularly useful feature where feeding work requires a fine register or when large or difficult sheets are being fed which would otherwise have to be run using the single impression procedure. This device can increase output to more than double that of a machine on single impression working and can also be of great assistance during the training of an operator. This model differs from pedal controlled machines being driven by Electro Magnetic Clutch & Brake Unit and Training Control Dwell.


Safety in the Machine


All moving parts on Die Cutting Machine are protected by approved safety guards. A special feature is the patented guard which protects the operator from the moving block. Should any object come between the moving block and this guard, a slight backward movement of the guard will occur stopping the moving block immediately and isolating the starting mechanism. Until the Guard is moved forward by hand the machine remains dead and isolated from any attempt to actuate it through the starting mechanism.


Inside Chase Size 23″x33″ 25″x37″ 29″x40″ 33″x43″ 37″x51″ 42″x62″ 52″x72″
Platen Size 25″x35″ 28″x40″ 32″x43″ 36″x46″ 40″x54″ 45″x65″ 56″x76″
H.P. 3 5 5 7.5 10 10 15
Impressions per Hour 1700 1500 1400 1300 1100 1000 800
Weight Approx.MT 3.4 4 4.5 5.4 6.5 9.5 13.5

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