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Automatic Paper Folding Machine

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Automatic Paper Folding Machine

Automatic Paper Folding Machines are mainly used for the folding of papers.  There are three types of folding machines: knife folders, buckle folders, or a combination of these two types. Friends Engineering Corporation is a leading automatic paper folding machine manufacturer, supplier & exporter in delhi, india.


Specifications of Automatic Paper Folding Machine
Model Automatic Paper Folding Machine
Max.Paper Size 60 Cm x 91 Cm
Min.Paper Size 30 Cm x 45 Cm
Cross Fold 3
Parallel Fold 2
Knives Electronic Mechanical Knives
Feeder Automatic Rotary Suction Pile Feeder
File Capacity 225 Kg
Max.Knives Stroke Max. 150 Strokes Per Minute
Perforation Device For Book Form Folding Only
Delivery Stacker
Counter Infera Red
Power 5.3 KW