Aluminium Foil Rewinder

aluminium foil rewinder machine

Friends Aluminium Foil Rewinding Cum Cling Film Rewinder Machine , Metal Body , Loading and Rewinding for Aluminium Foil and Surface Loading & Surface Rewinding for Cling Film with 1 HP DC Motor , Auto Cut Panel , Digital Counter. It is a high small but high speed machine which converts Jumbo Rolls into smaller 9 meters of Aluminium Foil Rolls.
The machine is a shaft less rewinder where the operator has to load the core between the Grippers resting over the rewinding cylinder. The rewinding cylinder is especially Hard Chrome-Plated, this ensures smooth, trouble free rewinding. The machine is fitted with a electronic counter which provides information on the desired length of roll to be produced.
The counter-meter can be programmed in such a way that the machine, after starting, can stop automatically, after the desired length of the Aluminum Foil is rewound.

• You can use 9-18 Microns Foil.
• Capacity : 1200 Rolls of 9 Meter Length per 8 Hrs Shift
• 450 Rolls of I Kg weight per 8 Hrs Shift
• Working Width : 300 mm
• Max Dia. Of Foil : 15”

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